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Clinton A. Love, is a writer, musician and mortician from Dallas, Texas.  He published his first book Hard Core Tarot in 2009, followed by Brew or Die the same year, He has since published five more books, most recently, the Urban Fantasy novel Hunters of Gehenna . The third novel in that series Summoning the Hunters is scheduled for release in 2020. Musically, he is known for the avant-garde Black/Doom Metal Band Finsternis and as the one man Gothic Metal musical project, Killers by Trade.  He has the unique distinction, in addition to being an author, musician and vlogger, of being an undertaker. He holds a license in Texas as a Funeral Director and Embalmer. 

Amazon Book Reviews

This book is so well written and interesting that I forgot how long I had been reading. As I read this work, I feel like I am watching a movie. Great job to the author I hope we see more for you soon.-

It is an action-packed story, and it keeps you turning the pages. Qarinah has guts and does what she wants to do. She isn't afraid of what people think of her. I can't wait to see what she does in the sequel!

Well written book! Can’t wait to read book 2! Must read for those into urban fantasy! Sexy story with lots of action and adventure!!

Just finished reading it. Love it. Practical. Not over filled with flowery sentences that go no where fast. The author is straight to the point. Going to pick up the Alaskan Bootleggers Bible next and start brewing my own mead within the next month!