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Leo and Q get summoned

Posted on March 19, 2019 at 8:15 PM

“What the Hell just happened?” Leonard looked up from the stone floor. He sat in the middle of a large copper circle. About the circle burned white candles. He noticed blood on the copper.

“We have been summoned,” sighed Qarinah. She, too, sat in a circle like Leonard’s, marked with similar candles.

“Silence, Demon!” A tall young man stepped forward. He wore greasy black-dyed hair and a leather jacket. “We have summoned you to do our bidding!”

Several other people in their late teens to early twenties appeared out of the darkness of the basement. There was another boy, taller and skinnier, with glasses, and two girls. One of the girls, a blonde with pigtails, and a black spider web dress slinked up to the one who spoke, and snaked her arm around him. She had a lollipop in her mouth. The other, an overweight brunette in a black trench coat stood alone.

“Where are we,” asked Leonard. “Your mom’s basement?” He stepped forward in defiance, but ran into something solid. “Ow!”

“I am Eric!” said the first boy in a commanding voice. You will be silent and do what I say!”

“Like He-”

“Shh!” Qarinah cut him off. “They have summoned us,” she said in a soft voice. She looked around. “And it appears they have done a fairly good job. That is a very good summoning circle!”

Leonard cocked his head. Mom has a point, he thought, No way in hell these mall-Goths came up with this on their own. This whole thing stinks on ice.

“They got our sigils right,” Qarinah continued, “and look! Libations!”

Leonard looked down on the floor. There was a toy car and a pack of Prince Albert pipe tobacco. He picked up the toy car. It was a Mustang. Worst of all, it was red.

“D-minus on the libations, kiddo.” Leonard threw the toy car. It bounced off the force field of the summoning circle and clattered to the floor. “MOPAR or no car.”

Qarinah picked up a glass of amber liquid and smelled it. She made a sour face and dumped it on the floor. Leonard never saw his mom actually make a stank face before. He chuckled a little.

“Blended Scotch is for peasants,” said Qarinah flatly. “We aren’t helping you, Eric, if you are going to insult us.”

“Don’t put up with her shit!” the blonde with the pigtails hissed. Eric ignored her.

“What is it you desire, demon?” Eric asked.

“Call me Qarinah,” said the succubus with a smile. “We do have names, as you well know. This is Leonard.”

“Lord Leonard, Master of Nocturnal Orgies,” said Leonard. “That is my official title now, thanks to Olivia. Speaking of whom, when she finds us, and she will; she is going to hand you your asses.”

“Leonard, be nice,” said Qarinah. “They are just inexperienced.”

Leonard was about to ask his mother if she felt ill, because Qarinah was usually the last one to tell people to be nice. Then he realized what she was doing. He looked at her and nodded.

“I want that,” Qarinah pointed to the blonde girl.

“You want Stephanie?” Eric seemed perplexed.

“No,” said Qarinah. “The candy. It’s a Blow Pop, yes?”

Stephanie popped the lolly out of her mouth. It was indeed a red Blow Pop. “I’m not-”

Eric took it from her.

“Hey!” she glared angrily at Eric.

“It’s OK, Steph,” said Eric. “Think of what they can do for us. Don’t you want the infernal power?”

“True,” said the geek with glasses. “If all she wants is candy, why not?”

“That’s right,” said Qarinah, staring into Eric’s eyes. “Think of what I can teach you. All I want is something sweet in my mouth.” She licked her lips seductively.

Leonard sat Indian style on the floor and packed his pipe with the Prince Albert. He wished he had added popcorn to his list of libations. He saw the overweight girl look at him. She was actually quite pretty. Who says a chubby girl can’t rock the vampire look? He thought. He winked at her as he lit the pipe. She smiled at him.

Eric walked over to Qarinah, Blow Pop in hand.

“Wait!” the chubby girl stepped forward.

"What, Janice?” Eric growled.

“If you give her the Blow Pop, it will break the circle and she can attack you!”

Eric’s face became pensive. Qarinah shot an annoyed glance at Janice.

“I promise I won’t attack,” said Qarinah. “

“She’s lying!” shouted Stephanie.

“I do not lie!” Qarinah scowled at Stephanie.

“She’s right,” Leonard blew out a smoke ring. “If our kind makes a promise, we have to abide by it. Otherwise, bad stuff happens to us.”

“Yes,” said Glasses. “I read this in one of my occult books. “They have to honor all of their obligations. It’s like, a rule, or something.”

“OK then,” said Eric. “Promise me, Qarinah, that you won’t attack and you won’t escape from the circle!”

“Of course,” Qarinah smiled, batting her long eyelashes at Eric. “I promise I will not attack you, nor will I try to leave when you open the circle to give me the candy.”

Eric looked at his friends. Janice and Glasses nodded. Stephanie scowled. Leonard puffed his pipe and tried not to smile too much. He focused on Janice and blew her a kiss. She bit her lip and blushed.Eric carefully approached Qarinah. He used an Athame to draw a doorway in the force field surrounding the succubus, and offered the Blow Pop, extending his arm. Qarinah took it gently and extended her long tongue. She gave the lollipop a long lick and sealed her full, pretty lips around it.

“Thank you, Eric,” she crooned, staring into his eyes. His eyes went glassy. Qarinah ran her fingernails down his chest. “You have done so well, my beautiful boy. Let me do something for you.” She opened his leather jacket, took him around the waist, and pulled him to her, inside the circle. She took the Blow Pop out of her mouth with a popping sound and placed it between his lips. “I want something else in my mouth,” she smiled. Her hand caressed his erection through his pants. He shivered and placed his hands on her soft shoulders. She slowly settled down to her knees. Qarinah looked around him at Stephanie. She licked her lips and winked, keeping eye contact with the blonde as she unzipped Eric’s pants.

Stephanie completely lost her shit. She charged the circle screaming and seized her boyfriend by the shoulders, yanking him backward. Qarinah hung on and as Eric fell back, he dragged her out of the circle. Eric fell to the floor, flat on his back. The only thing standing was his hard dick protruding from his open zipper. Stephanie ran at Qarinah, who immediately brought herself to her full 6 foot height. Stephanie leveled several punches but Qarinah avoided them all, twisting her body in a graceful dance. Qarinah slapped Stephanie with a backhand and sent the blonde sprawling.

“YOU LIED!” screamed Stephanie.

“No,” said Qarinah. “I kept my promise; I said I would not attack Eric. I did not. Quite the opposite. I said I would not try to leave. I did not. It was you who dragged me from the circle, child.”

“Mom,” Leonard looked at Qarinah.

“Oh yes,” Qarinah walked over to the circle, which held Leonard. She kicked over the candles and kicked dirt over the blood. The force field dissipated and Leonard stepped out, pipe clenched in his teeth. He looked, and all of the young ones crouched and pinned themselves to the walls.

“Alright, kids,” said Leonard, a serious look on his tattooed face. “What did we learn today?”

No one spoke.

“I ASKED YOU A FUCKING QUESTION!” Leonard bellowed, drawing Spike in a flourish of bone and steel. He pointed the massive revolver at Eric.

Janice raised her hand, as if in class.

“Yes, darlin’,” Leonard grinned, his teeth looked like 16 penny nails.

“Never summon demons?”

“A-plus!” said Leonard. “You get to live. Next question. Who taught you to do this and had you summon us? Not a damn one of you even knows who the Sisters of Mercy are, much less how to summon a demon. Who told you Hot Topic shopping motherfuckers to do this?”

“Other demons,” said Glasses, “twins.”

“Cloaks, armor, ugly?” asked Leonard, “They carry hammers with them?”

They all nodded.

“Shit,” said Leonard. “I knew it. Now listen, kids. Those assholes killed my best friend and got another one of our friends all shot up. Now they are going after my fiancée. I do not think I need to explain how pissed off I am going to be if they hurt the love of my life! Now who has a Goddamn car?”

Eric held up a set of keys.

“Barn door’s open,” Leonard took the keys. Eric stuffed his limp dick back in his pants.

“How romantic,” Janice stared after Leonard with a dreamy expression.

Qarinah and Leonard walked out of the basement, said hi to Eric’s mom in the kitchen, and Leonard took a Hot Pocket from a baking sheet. They walked out of the house.

“You gotta be shittin’ me,” said Leonard.

They squeezed into the raggedy, blue and primer colored Volkswagen beetle and peeled out of the driveway. Leonard drove with one knee on the dash. Qarinah sat in the passenger seat with both knees touching the dashboard.

“This is the most uncomfortable car in which I have ever ridden,” said Qarinah.

“Not made for a couple of 6-footers,” said Leonard. “I can think of someone who would love it though.”

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