Clinton A. Love

Writer, Musician, Mortician

Books by Clinton A. Love

Liv and Leo

Coming Soon

Liv and Leo have the most popular Heavy Metal band in Texas...Hammermill! Their new song is shooting up the charts and audiences flock to their shows. After the lovers rescue some fans from a deadly fire, the sky's the limit for the power couple! 

But their dark past bubbles to the surface and  threatens to jeopardize everything. A TV Preacher is slandering them on his show, The police are threatening to arrest them, and someone is trying to sabotage their concerts and get innocent people killed.

Can the Metal sweethearts overcome the odds, take down their enemies, and unravel the mystery? Or will their dreams come crashing down?

Babylon Creek

Coming Soon

Ian came to the lawless Texas town of Babylon Creek, a war veteran and gunfighter with a reputation borne of ruthlessness and danger. What he never expected was to find himself the lone force for good, standing in between the people of Babylon Creek and evil attacking from all sides. A greedy cattle baron wants him dead, an unscrupulous preacher wants revenge, and an unknown maniac is trying to burn the town to the ground. 

With the help of a bawdy saloon girl, an educated prize fighter, and the local undertaker, Ian straps on his sword and pistols, and prepares to battle like never before! The only thing that could stop him is the one thing for which he has not prepared himself...Love.

Summon the Hunters

Coming Soon

New Orleans is a world all its own and  the Hunters must navigate the wild, weird Crescent City nightlife in pursuit of an elusive killer. But the clock is ticking! If they don't take him down soon, he will collect on a demonic bounty and become a malevolent demigod! Enemies and danger await them around every corner, but with the help of a few unlikely allies, the Hunters have no intention of backing down! 

Will the Hunters survive a slug fest with demons and axe murderers? Why do vampires always act like jerks? Must they be perpetually annoyed by Mall Goths and Lestat wannabes? And where exactly does Olivia keep that straight razor?

Hunters of Gehenna

Published April 2019

The Hunters of Gehenna  must track down souls who escaped from Gehenna during the riot caused by Leonard, Qarinah, and Olivia. Their latest assignment is Victor Howe, a psychopathic cult leader from Waco, Texas, who will stop at nothing to renew his reign of terror. To make things worse, two demons with a special grudge against the Hunters have made a pact with Howe and a mysterious traitor is out to get them! In order to take on Howe and his army of  armed fanatics, the Hunters must reunite with some old friends...and make peace with some old enemies. 

Can the Hunters defeat a deranged cult leader with over a hundred followers? Who is the traitor helping the demons? Can the Hunters convince former foes to set aside their differences in time? Or will they be left to fight the growing army on their own?


Heaven nor Hell

Published December 2018

Leonard, a process server from Dallas, is having the worst day of his life. He has a scorching hangover, his girlfriend dumped him, a stalker is trying to ruin his life, and to top it all off he just took four bullets to the back. Now Leonard has a choice to make. He can follow the dark and terrifying Angel Azrael, or follow Qarinah, a beautiful succubus. (Not a hard decision, really.) The choice he makes leaves him hounded by a rogue demon slayer, hassled by his ex-girlfriend, who is determined to save his soul; and all the while, he is observed by an elite cadre of Angels called the Malakim, who ultimately must decide whether Leonard should live or die...again!

Will Leonard defeat the demon slayer? Can he get his ex to leave him alone? And who the Hell is Olivia, anyway? The answers to those questions will send Leonard on a supernatural roller coaster and Heaven, Hell, and Dallas will never be the same again!

The Black Book- Surviving Bullying and Self-Harm

Published April 2018

Five years ago, Clinton A. Love published The Bullying Handbook. which provided solutions not only for dealing with bullies and other abusive people, but included a step by step guide for bully-proofing your life.

The Black Book is the evolution of that book. After five years of speaking to victims of bullying and even working one on one with a former victim of bullying in a case study of human interaction that lasted nearly a year and a half, the book has been improved, Including, not just the original text of The Bullying Handbook, but more information for people who are in an immediate crisis situation with a bully.

The Black Book also addresses Self-Harm, a problem which has become more pervasive, but for which conventional avenues provide very few solutions. the Black Book provides, not only information for both parents and the victims of Self-Harm, but provides actual solutions to the problem based on a deep understanding of the subject. There are two dedicated chapters, one for parents and one for young people which outline a strategy to open up communication and get the solutions under way so that it can be stopped before it is too late.

If you find yourself being bullied and taken advantage of, or if you are concerned for someone else who is, YOU NEED THIS BOOK. If you or your child is intentionally harming themselves, YOU NEED THIS BOOK.

Hard Core Tarot

is Clint Love's first book, published in July of 2009.

If you have always wanted to learn the Tarot, but didn't know where to begin, or were confused by the instructions provided in other books, let musician Clint Love lead you on the High-Speed path.This quick and dirty guide is the "Anarchist Cookbook" of Tarot. Start reading Now!

Available from Amazon in paperback and on Kindle

Brew or Die!

is Clint Love's second book, published August of 2009.

Brew or Die is musician and home brewer Clint Love's guide to brewing your own Mead (Honey Wine), wild fruit and herbal country wines and concocting your own liqueurs. He also explains some truths about bootlegging, the law and that most famous of outlaw liquors, Absinthe. Whether you are a future bootlegger or just want to learn to brew, Brew or Die is a great place to start!

This is current;y Clint's best selling book!

It is available on Amazon in paperback  and on Kindle

The Bullying Handbook

is Clint's third book, published February 2013

Writer, Musician and Mortician Clint Love brings the discussion about bullies and other abusive people back down to reality with a hard-hitting, no punches pulled observation about the behaviors of both the abusers and their victims. Blunt, irreverent, politically incorrect and humorous, Clint walks you through seven things you can do right now to deter toxic and abusive people from controlling your mind and your life. If you or someone you know is the victim of a bully or an abuser, you can't afford not to read this!


A Young Vampire's Tale

is Clint's fourth book and his first published fiction book. It was published March of 2014


After the death of his human girlfriend, 400 year-old vampire Ian has just begun to settle into his new job working midnight shift in the pet aisle at the local Kel-Mart. Suddenly, he is confronted by a new, mysterious and dangerous situation. Once again outsiders are threatening his peaceful life in the backward little Texas City of Waco and this time, their sights are focused dead on Ian and the happy little kingdom he managed to build for himself in the past century. Luckily, neither the Kel nor its other employees on the night shift are what they seem to be and along with his faithful human protectors as well as a Necromancer who works in the pet department and a sexually frustrated Werewolf from the hardware aisle, Ian soon finds himself preparing for the showdown of his life. A Young Vampire’s Tale is a dark, seedy and sometimes comical novella from the mind of Clinton A. Love, author of Hard Core Tarot, Brew or Die and The Bullying Handbook. As with Clint’s other writings, this story is full Sex, Blood, Rock and Roll and sometimes unintentional comedy. Read at your own peril.