Clinton A. Love

Writer, Musician, Mortician

 Clinton A. Love Music Discography

Killers By Trade

KBT is a one-man Gothic Rock/Metal project from Texas. Most often compared with Rammstein and Motörhead, the amped-up bluesy vocals of mastermind Clint Love are sometimes compared to Glenn Danzig. The industrial continuum of rhythm on KBT tracks are also often likened to the old Goth bands like the Sisters of Mercy.

Demo 2005

Call them whatever you want, either horror or goth rockers, the sure thng is that the band's music is interesting and proper to listen to in a party...
Nick Parastatidis (Behind the Veil Webzine)
From Rough Edge Radio Review...
Seldom does a two-track demo score three guitarsaws or more (it's long been our policy that you can't tell a lot from a band with only two tracks), but Killers By Trade and their "Pub Wolves of London" are the exception.
Track one is "Steel". Those used to the original Demo Version will be in for a painful shock as the song bangs along like an ominous hammer. 
Track Two is a cover of the famous "Night Prowler" by AC/DC. The Highway to Hell has been paved again, in blood!
Ancient Rider EP 2005

If there had been a label behind this release, with the means of promoting the hell out of it, it would have become an instant big hit, I'm not a second in doubt of that. Clint Love has hit the right nerve with this music,- Nocturnal Horde Webzine

In Secrecy, Silence and Darkness 2007

Many bands play heavy metal in a rock format; Killers By Trade does just the opposite, with bar rock overdriven and distorted into a propulsive heavy metal mold, like a goth-edged Motörhead.

The metal itself has a grandiose Viking, or perhaps high seas quest quality to it, in terms of the emotion. It also has an interesting dark spirituality behind it, as the tracks come off as hymnal in spirit, even trancelike, on occasion.

Eine Finster Nachtmusik EP

Released 1999. Currently out of Print.

Sea of Blood- 2007

The musical approach is some very doom laden heavy metal, mixed with a little black metal. It is a very heavy album, it is nice to hear a band putting their money on heavyness instead of speed

Metal Ostentation III- 2003

Finsternis track "Phantom Carrack" was featured with several other independent artists. Out of Print

Swedish Speed Thrash

Canon of Ugliness

The Porridgeface's first album.

Clint was the songwriter on several tracks and also did cover design, layout, produced and published the album. The cover was a picture of a wrecked tank, a German Leopard 2, which is used by the Swedish military.

Eyes on the Betrayer

The Porridgeface's Second Album

Clint was the songwriter on several tracks and also did cover design, layout, produced and published the album. The cover is actually someone's real eye, which was infected with Chlamydia. It's known for being very disturbing to look at.